Please read the following notice carefully for information related to the election of the next PGST Chairperson.

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There will be a Special Election for a new Tribal Chairperson on Tuesday, October 24.

This has been a difficult time for us all. We have asked ourselves how we can move on after losing such an important leader, mentor, and friend. While our grief will continue, so must the business of our Tribal Government. We have met with Jeromy’s family and have their understanding to move forward with this Special Election.

Elections for the Chairperson position will be held on October 24, 2023. Intents to run are due September 22, 2023, at 4:30 p.m. Intent to Run forms are available at the Front Desk and online. Candidates are invited to submit an Intent to Run statement, which will appear alongside election information in the October Syecem. These are also due no later than Friday, September 22.

The Chairperson position is a paid, full-time contract employee position. The Tribe provides fringe benefits, vacation and sick leave, and severance pay. The rate of hourly pay for the Chairperson starts with a base wage and increases depending on many factors. More information about the pay scale can be found in the Tribal Council Policy Manual.

The Chairperson is expected to serve 40 hours a week and not be employed otherwise. The only historical exception to this requirement has been to allow geoduck diving.

While governmental experience can be helpful to bring to the role, it is not necessary. The Chairperson is surrounded by experienced staff, including the Executive Team. They are available to help the Chairperson understand the intricacies of policy, procedure, and the law.

The Chairperson is a unique, all-encompassing position. They are expected to serve in the interests of the membership, provide leadership to staff, and lead the work of Tribal Council. The Chairperson sets the tone of Tribal government on behalf of the membership and must lead the Tribe in all areas, including those that they personally may not have an interest in or passion for.

In addition, some of the Chairperson’s responsibilities include:

  • Attend and oversee regularly scheduled, twice monthly Tribal Council meetings, as well related activities such as the annual budget retreat. The Chairperson helps to set the agenda for these meetings, facilitate discussions, and votes only when the vote would affect the results or if the vote is on a ballot.
  • Provide reports to Tribal Council and General Council on their activities and the State of the Tribe.
  • Hold regular, posted, open door office hours for membership and staff.
  • Provide leadership to the Executive Team, directors, and staff based on the direction of Tribal Council and the membership.
  • Grow and strengthen relationships between PGST and tribal, local, state, and federal representatives and entities.
  • Represent the Tribe and its interests in public. This includes in front of non-tribal community groups, in the media, and on boards and committees not directly affiliated with PGST.
  • Represent the Tribe and membership’s interests on boards and committees connected to PGST entities, including the S’Klallam Foundation and Noo-Kayet Investments.

Traditionally, those elected to Chairperson serve for several terms. Jeromy held the position since 2010. Before that, Ron Charles was our Chairman for close to 20 years. History tells us that being Chairperson becomes a way of life for those chosen to serve.

Our Tribe has made tremendous strides over the last several decades. This momentum can, in large part, be attributed to the leadership of our Chairperson. We have been lucky enough to have people in this position that are fair, open-minded, and good at communicating the often-complex issues facing our Tribe.

Now, we look to the future and for a new leader who will help us continue our growth and success.

Intents to Run are available at the Front Desk or via download here. Please return your Intent to Run to Jordan DeCoteau at PGST, 31912 Little Boston Road, NE, Kingston, WA 98346 by Friday, September 22 at 4:30 pm.