Housing Authority

The PGST Housing Authority helps Tribal members obtain attractive, appropriate, and culturally relevant housing. They are responsible for increasing the number of housing units available to low income Tribal members as well as housing opportunities for all Tribal members through the Housing Authority service area.


Kara Horton, Executive Director
karah@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 297-6351

Rhonda Holland, Assistant Director
rhondah@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 297-6347

Kyle Loescher, Project Manager
kloescher@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 340-5853

Katarina Krieger, Resident Services Specialist
katarinak@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 297-6350 x. 5826

Cathy Jordan, Resident Services Specialist
cjordan@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 297-6346

Tina Leany, Senior Accountant
tinal@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 297-6349

Whitley Cox, Accounting Assistant
wcox@pgst.nsn.us or (360) 297-6348

Stormy Purser, Administrative Assistant

stormy.purser@pgst.nsn.us or (360)297-6350 x. 5827

Housing Main Line: (360) 297-6350

Current Tenant Information:

  • After-Hours Emergency Work Orders: (360) 340-5860
  • Tenant Portal Login (If you do not already have a login, please contact the office and we will email you a registration link!)

Programs/services offered:

  •  Rental Assistance Program (Off-Reservation)
  • Down-Payment Assistance
  • Home Repair
  • Rental housing for families, Elders, and single persons (On-Reservation)