Chairman Jeromy Sullivan’s Celebration of Life is on Saturday, July 22 beginning at 1 pm. The memorial will take place in the Gym with overflow seating in the Longhouse. If you are planning to attend, please read this entire post. Important information follows.

There will be designated speakers, followed by an opportunity for anyone in the Gym who would like to share their remembrances of Chairman Sullivan to do so. Once the open mic portion of the program begins, those in the Longhouse are welcome to come to the Gym and wait for their chance to speak. Please see attached schedule for full rundown of the day’s events.

We are expecting a large crowd and we ask that all attendees follow these guidelines:

  • If you are on the reservation and within walking distance, please walk, if possible.
  • There will be no parking on Tribal campus. If you are driving, please carpool if possible, and park at the Point Casino. Please see attached Casino shuttle schedule.
  • There will be an on Rez shuttle service by neighborhood. Please wait at the end of your driveway if you would like to use the shuttle.  Please see the shuttle schedule attached and below.
  • We will begin seating in the Gym and Longhouse at noon. Please arrive as early as possible.
  • Seating in the Gym is limited. We would like to save this seating for Chairman Sullivan’s family and extended family, PGS Tribe/Community/Staff, close friends, and dignitaries. We respectfully ask that all other please utilize overflow seating in the Longhouse, which will have a live feed of the Memorial service.
  • When you arrive, there may be a wait to get in. Temperatures are expected to be in the 80s. Please know our volunteers will work to get everyone inside and seated as quickly as possible. While water will be available for those waiting, we ask that you bring with you anything else you might need to stay comfortable.
  • If you would like to speak during the memorial, please use the microphone. This is necessary to ensure that everyone—including those in the Longhouse—are able to hear.
  • Please listen to volunteers who are doing their best to ensure everyone is able to get a seat.

About 30 minutes after the end of the service, there will be a meal served in the Kitchen with tables set up in the Gym. All guests are invited to stay for the meal.

NOTE: The family has requested that media not attend for the purpose of covering the memorial. Members of the press who would like more information, including biographical information on Chairman Sullivan, should email