On May 15, an election was held on whether to adopt a proposed change to the PGST Constitution to expand enrollment eligibility. By a vote of 220 to 66, the amendment passed.

The adoption of this revision expands the geographic area where children born to enrolled PGST members are eligible for automatic enrollment if, at the time of their birth, the enrolled parent(s) is a resident of the reservation (and other PGST tribal lands) OR Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, or San Juan counties. This geographic expansion to enrollment eligibility will help approximately 140 PGST descendants qualify for automatic enrollment.

The amended Constitution was certified by the Election Committee and is now available on the PGST website under the Government section.

Further, on June 10, Title 25 of the Law & Order code was amended to 1.) reflect new constitutional language defining “automatic enrollment”, and 2.) clarify the definition of “resident” to account for the expanded geographic scope. With this, Enrollment can begin to accept applications from those who now qualify for automatic enrollment.

The enrollment staff, committee, and council ask for patience during the process to verify and process completed applications.

For those applying for enrollment, please ensure your application is complete and you provide all the required paperwork. This will help your application to be processed as efficiently as possible.

If you submitted an application prior to the amendment of Title 25 and were determined ineligible, but would be eligible under current requirements, you must complete a new application and submit it along with all the required documentation.


All Enrollment documents can be found at https://pgst.nsn.us/tribal-records-enrollment/