On Tuesday, June 6 at 4 pm, the Northwest Native Development Fund will make a presentation in the Longhouse for Tribal fishermen and members who are interested in starting their own small business. The event, which is being hosted by Noo-Kayet Investments’ Tribal Development Program, will include information on current funding opportunities.

The Northwest Native Development Fund seeks to foster economic and financial independence for Native people by assisting in the development of personal assets through financial and entrepreneurial education as well as providing access to capital through creative lending products. To date, they have invested $18 million in Indian Country, including over $2.5 million in Native fishing loans.

The Northwest Native Development Fund offers:

  • Loan amounts up to $350,000
  • Interest rates as low as 5.50% for top tier borrowers
  • Terms as long as 10 years (with qualified collateral)
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual payment schedules

More information about the Northwest Native Development Fund can be found at www.thenndf.org.

Please contact Jacob Fundak, NKI Tribal Development Program Specialist at (360) 297-6116 with any immediate questions.