We have randomly drawn a pool of prospective jurors for the upcoming criminal Mock jury trial in the Community Court on March 29th, 2023.  Since the start of Covid we have not had the ability to have a jury trial and the Court currently has four (4) criminal jury trials scheduled for this spring. The purpose of a Mock trial is to prepare the court system, Tribal community, and law enforcement for a jury case. This mock trial will move forward as a criminal case with a defendant, victim, witnesses, and exhibits.

If you receive a jury summons for the jury pool, you MUST appear for jury selection no later than 9:00AM on March 29th. Once the jury is seated, the trial will conclude by 430PM.

Any requests for exemption are required to be made in person at the jury selection.

LOCATION:  The trial will be at the PGST Justice Center located at 7550 Little Boston Rd. N.E. in the old Wellness building.

NOTE: If you are a Tribal employee, you will be paid for the day by your department, for non-employees we have a stipend that will be provided to you when you appear for the jury pool.  Lunch will be provided to the seated jurors as well as an additional stipend if you are a non-employee.

We understand that jury service may be a personal inconvenience and are hopeful you recognize this opportunity to participate in the administration of justice for PGST.  Jury service is both a privilege and a duty, and when conscientiously performed, its social responsibility to the PGST community can be a rewarding experience.