Today the Tribe held an election vote to decide whether to amend its Constitution to expand the geographic area where children born to enrolled PGST members are automatically enrolled if, at the time of their birth, the enrolled parent(s) is a resident of the reservation (and other PGST tribal lands)….OR Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, or San Juan counties. The geographic expansion helps approximately 140 descendants qualify for automatic enrollment.

The Election Committee certifies the amendment PASSED and the Constitution shall be amended. Tomorrow, the Election Committee will issue a Constitutional Amendment Certification, signed by all the members of the Election Committee and the new version of the Tribal Constitution will include the newly-adopted language certificated by the Election Committee.

The legal staff will submit proposed language to amend Title 25, the Enrollment code, to reflect the amended Constitution to Council and ask for a public hearing in June.

After Title 25 is amended, all descendants who now qualify under the amended Constitution and law, will need to submit an enrollment application to be verified by the Enrollment Committee. Upon verification, the enrollment staff will send a resolution to Council to approve enrollment of each applicant.

Please do not contact the Enrollment Clerk until after the enrollment code is amended in June.