Anyone who plans to commercially harvest oysters from May 1 through September 30 must have a current Vibrio sticker.

Those who took and passed a test last year or took the training last year, may take and pass a test this year. If you did not take a test or class last year, you must attend a training session prior to harvesting oysters after May 1.

There are 3 vibrio training sessions scheduled in the Tribal Center Large Conference Room:

  • April 12th at 9 am
  • April 16th at 9 am
  • April 23rd at 5 pm

Tests will be available in the Natural Resources office starting April 10th. You must bring your fishing ID with you to receive your sticker.

Please call Natural Resources at 360-297-6294 or text 360-516-3206 to sign up for a training session. Be sure to include which session you want to attend.