Environmental Program

Program Manager: Currently Vacant

360-297-6293 office


  • Marla Powers, Environmental Planner
  • Benjamin Harrison, Water Resources Scientist
  • Josh Carter, Environmental Scientist
  • Richard Ogle, Outreach & Education Coord.
The Environmental Program serves to safeguard treaty rights and advocate for the protection of natural and cultural resources from the increasing threats of pollution, loss of habitat, harmful land uses, and the effects of a changing climate.

We monitor water quality and water resources, conduct restoration projects to improve key habitats and review project permits. Our team participates in local and regional processes for ecosystem recovery, salmon recovery, climate resilience and planning.

Projects, Programs & Services:

    • Water Quality Standards implementation
    • Climate change monitoring
    • Shoreline and bluff management
    • Water resources protection
    • Assist with culvert removal projects
    • Hazardous waste drives
    • Environmental protection and restoration
    • Implement the Tribe’s Environmental Protection Code
    • Review Environmental Permits