Shellfish Program

Shellfish Program Manager (Bivalves): Jason Haveman


Shellfish Program Manager (Crustaceans): Courtney Hart



  • Emma Saas, Shellfish Biologist
  • Daniel DeCoteau, Shellfish Monitor
  • George Jones, Shellfish Monitor/Biologist
  • Ted Seachord, Geoduck Dive Monitor
  • Matthew Tom, NR Tech
  • Tyler Sullivan, Policy Advisor (Shellfish & Hunting)
The Shellfish Program works to manage, conserve, protect, and restore shellfish resources and habitat within the Tribe’s U & A. Managers are responsible for planning, assessing, and managing the Tribe’s treaty-reserved shellfish fisheries including but not limited to clams, oysters, shrimp, and crab.

We oversee and coordinate commercial and subsistence shellfish openings for optimal and sustainable harvest levels and serve as technical liaisons in coordination with state and federal agencies as well as other tribal fisheries programs. Additionally, the shellfish program leads and collaborates on various research projects that support the conservation of shellfish species so that the Tribe has access to these important cultural resources in perpetuity.


  • Shellfish beach enhancement
  • Olympia oyster restoration
  • Bivalve population surveys
  • Larval Dungeness Crab monitoring
  • European Green Crab detection and mitigation
  • Cucumber spawn-timing research
  • Biotoxin monitoring
  • Cockle research


  • Intertidal and subtidal shellfish harvest monitoring
  • Tracking commercial landings
  • Co-management of shellfish resources with State of Washington